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Eye contact is the most communicative non-verbal cue we have—so much that it sometimes conveys more about our thoughts and feelings than our words.

Lumin Eye

The visibly reparative eye cream. Luxe moisture and nourishment, to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Achieve a refined look in the under-eye area. Decrease the appearance of crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles, while helping to fight the formation of new ones.


Fight under-eye fatigue with this refreshing, replenishing serum. OxyGenik Cellular Renewal Eye Serum is the smart serum that anticipates skin's needs and corrects the signs of aging. Restores structural integrity to fragile eye area, for an undeniable lift. 

Lash Enhance

This vitamin-rich lengthening serum dramatically increases the volume of your natural lashes with regular use. Peptides and provitamin B5 create a healthy shine and naturally soft, full lashes.